Grants and Capital Grants

The Landfall Foundation awards Grants and Capital Grants to nonprofit organizations in the Wilmington, NC area. 

Grants are awarded for projects and programs up to $7,500. The Landfall Foundation is committed to providing funds for projects in the Arts, Education, and Health & Welfare for nonprofit organizations in the greater Wilmington, NC area.  

Capital Grants are contributions toward the total cost of a project, such as a major construction project, expansion, renovation, maintenance, repair of existing facilities, or acquisition of new equipment. The maximum amount available for a Capital Grant is $30,000 in any one year.  

2016 Grant Recipients 

2015 Grant Recipients    

2014 Grant Recipients       

Grant Application

One grant application is accepted per year from an organization. The following process is required to apply:

  1. Organizations receiving a grant from the Landfall Foundation the previous year and re-applying this year, must complete and submit a Project Report to the Landfall Foundation by May 15th. 
  2. Complete the Grant Application.  (Grant applications are closed for 2017,  applications will be available for 2018 grants in January of 2018).
  3. When the grant request is part of a larger project, the request should identify a specific area within the larger project.
  4. Mail six (6) copies of the application by US Postal Mail only, to the address indicated on the application which must be received by June 1.
  5. Organizations receiving grants for 2017 will be notified in October 2017. The awards will be made at a reception in November 2017.

For additional information or to request a form via mail, email, or fax, please contact the Grants Committee Co-Chairs Lilliam Kingsbury or Ginger Wilson.

Inquiries also may be made in writing to: Grants Committee, Landfall Foundation, 1924 Pembroke Jones Drive, Wilmington, NC 28405. Please include the name of the organization, contact name, phone number and e-mail address.      



The Landfall Foundation considers grants for significant capital projects. 

Applicants must read the Capital Grant Policy prior to submitting an application which details the following submission process.

  1. Complete the Capital Grant Application (pdf format) or Capital Grant Application (word download)
  2. Mail six (6) copies, by US Postal Mail only, of:
    • current 501(c)(3) tax-exempt letter
    • application
    • financial report
    • board of directors
    • project budget for the project applied for in the application
  3. The application and documents must be received by the Landfall Foundation Capital Grants Committee no earlier than November 15th and no later than January 15th of the ensuing year.
  4. The applicant will be notified promptly (no later than February 15) to allow the applicant to submit a regular Foundation Grant Request. 
  5. If selected for final review, the applicant may be notified to present to the subcommittee (not to exceed 30 minutes) followed by a site visit (if deemed appropriate).
  6. The subcommittee will present and request a vote of the full Board of the Foundation. 
  7. No later than April 15th the Chair of the Subcommittee will inform the applicant of the outcome of this vote which is final and at the sole and absolute discretion of the Landfall Foundation Board of Directors. No appeal is available.

Grant Committee Co-Chairs

Lilliam Kingsbury
Ginger Wilson

Muffy Pepper (chair)
Mary McGrath
Pam McNeill
Sue Thompson

Jim Lister (chair)
Sandy Agrella
Stephany Del Re
Shona Nairn

Brenda Roark (chair)
Myrna Brown
Tom McMillan
Ralph Russo














Capital Grant Chair

Carl Roark


Abe Walston
Ken Trojinar
Don Lucas
Karen Gibson