The Frank & Betty Kenan Society Members

Cecile Blankenhorn

Catherine Bonnette

Pascal & Jetta Boyd

Barry & Janet Burkholder

Ronald & Marilyn Gunther

Jim & Mary Hagen

Bill Hamlet, in memory of Angie Hamlet

John Hatcher



Legacy donors whose endowment gift is $10,000 or greater

The Landfall Foundation Endowment Fund is professionally managed under the direction of the Landfall Foundation Endowment Committeee. Currently a special Endowment account has been set up with an SEC Registered Investment Firm who has helped the foundation for several years. 

The Landfall Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and files financial documentation with the NC Secretary of State annually including our annual report form 990. Information is available at:

Pat Hatcher

Betty Kenan

Thomas Kenan III

William & Frances McMillan

Philip & Ellen Pearsall

Dan & Sheila Saklad

Anne Sorhagen

John & Judy Talbert

William & Jackie Warwick