Grants and Capital Grants


Grant Applications

Thank you for your interest in receiving a Grant Award this year. The information that follows provides the qualifications and requirements for submitting an application.

The Foundation will consider two types of grant requests:

Program Grants for a project that has a specific purpose and normally will be completed in one or two years.  The maximum funding for these grants is $7,500.

Capital Grants to improve, expand, repair or construct facilities or purchase major equipment that supports the organization’s charitable activities.  The maximum funding for these grants is $30,000.

An organization may choose to apply for either a Program Grant or a Capital Grant; however, if an application is submitted for a Capital Grant, a Program Grant application may NOT be submitted until after applicant has received notification of the decline of its Capital Grant application. 


Qualifications and RequIrements for a Grant:

You must be a non-profit tax exempt organization as defined by section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code and must include a copy of your IRS Tax Exemption letter.

The grant request must be to partially or fully fund a project in the areas of arts, health and welfare and/or education.

Your organization is not eligible for a grant if:

  • the beneficiaries of your project are not people within New Hanover, Pender and/or Brunswick counties.

  • it operates as a private non-operating foundation.

  • the application is for direct aid to individuals.

  • the grant is primarily for operating expenses, such as administrative costs, general overhead, advertising or signage, principal and interest payments on debt.

  • the grant is for costs of capital items already acquired or the purchase of real property.

  • the grant is for a start-up organization (the date of your IRS determination letter must be two years before the date of submission of this application)

  • it is engaged in any way in the promotion or advancement of political or religious beliefs.

  • it will transfer any portion of a Landfall Foundation Grant Award to any other organization

  • it is a local branch of a national organization with internal fundraising staff.

  • it discriminates on the basis of age, disability, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, race or religion.

  • the grant application is for research, feasibility studies or engineering and planning.

  • it received a program grant award in the previous year and has not submitted a final or preliminary report by May 18, 2016.

  • it received a capital grant award in the previous year.

The Foundation accepts one grant application from an organization. If there are multiple applications from the same organization, the organization’s director/principal decides which application to submit     

program Grant Application PROCESS

One Program Grant application is accepted per year from an organization. The following process is required to apply:

  1. Organizations receiving a grant from the Landfall Foundation the previous year and re-applying the following year, must complete and submit a Project Report online by May 18, 2019. Click here to complete the Project Report. Note: responses are not saved until you click on "Submit".

  2. Prepare to enter your application online by referencing the Guidelines and Questions for Grant Application which provides guidelines, notes, and the questions that are asked in the online form.

  3. Complete the Grant Application, available in early spring.

  4. Organizations receiving grants for 2019 will be notified in October 2019. The awards will be made at a reception in November 2019.

For additional information or questions, please contact the Grants Committee.



The Landfall Foundation considers Capital Grants for significant capital projects. Under Capital Grants, the  last qualifying date for receipt of application is January 5th. 

  1. Complete the Capital Grant Application (pdf format) or Capital Grant Application (word download)

  2. Mail six (6) copies, by US Postal Mail only, of:

    • current 501(c)(3) tax-exempt letter

    • application

    • financial report

    • board of directors

    • project budget for the project applied for in the application

  3. The application and documents must be received by the Landfall Foundation Capital Grants Committee no earlier than November 15th and no later than January 5th of the ensuing year.

  4. Applicants not selected for final review will be notified promptly (no later than February 15) to allow the applicant to submit a regular Foundation Grant Request.

  5. If selected for final review, the applicant may be notified to present to the subcommittee (not to exceed 30 minutes) followed by a site visit (if deemed appropriate).

  6. The subcommittee will present and request a vote of the full Board of the Foundation.

  7. No later than April 15th the Chair of the Subcommittee will inform the applicant of the outcome of this vote which is final and at the sole and absolute discretion of the Landfall Foundation Board of Directors. No appeal is available.



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Capital Grants

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